»...walk the path of the heart and be breathless...« »...Music has the power to enchant us...« »...Vibrations are transmitted and flow through us...« »...It sounds and sounds in and around us...«
Spiritual Music

It is this particular moment. When everything is clear and wide. The leap into trust requires courage to venture beyond what was previously possible. Life calls for it – again and again!

From a teenager’s dream in the Bavarian town of Miesbach to worldwide live performances with a band and now to his own music studio in France – Brittany. On the edge of the continent, where wind and waves rub against singing rocks. Christopher Widmoser – everyone calls him “WiD” – was fascinated by sound as a child and knew that music would be his life.

At the age of 21 he was on international stages. As a guitarist for the Barbara Dennerlein Band, he toured around the world for almost a decade. WiD inspired the audience with unusual colors and nuances that he elicited from the guitar; and yet he was not satisfied with his own performance – always “in search of the perfect tone”. The foundation of his band “Dreaming Boy” was another milestone in the life story of WiD. With his own compositions and arrangements, he played concerts in all European countries.
“Jazz music was the form of expression for a while. The savor of doing something that had its own time. However, it didn’t really fill me…, ”admits the professional musician. Withdrawing from the spotlight to create space for awareness was therefore essential…

Years of finding meaning followed. In addition to composing successful film music and developing patented guitar accessories, expanding his own music studio became a challenge and a vocation. In times of change, a pioneering spirit is in demand and here the hour of self-teaching comes. Unlimited curiosity has always driven him into new fields, and personal experiences have become training, knowledge and skills.

“I was always able to teach myself everything that was really important for my life. Uncontrolled cognitive ability has the great advantage that it finds solutions for which others are blind. The available options – by today’s standards – were more than poor. But maybe exactly such circumstances really challenge free creativity, which seeks its very own access to the subject, “muses the composer, remembering his childhood with a smile:” Two worn records, discarded from my brothers’ collections, formed my aesthetic response to music – when I was just ten years old. I still remember exactly how I added extra weights to the tonal arm of the DUAL turntable, so that the sound waves could still be extracted from the hardly existing grooves of the old records – HELP from the Beatles and NEFERTITI from Miles Davis.”

WiD started to play guitar in these early years, and over time many other instruments were to be added, all of which were learned by self-study. His first pieces, which he composed for his school band at the age of fourteen, were characterized by the endlessly heard Beatles melodies and the very complex, melancholic, abstract tones of Miles Davis. The young band members were idealists. Believed in music that is self-sufficient. In order to be able to make music at all, sounding devices were simply made by hand or old instruments were brought back to life, with construction foil on the drums and peas in the snare drum.

At that time, Chet Baker was a discovery for the 15-year-old and at the same time the importance of sound and phrasing was revealed to him. So the search for the perfect relationship between melody and rhythm began. The research and experimentation led WiD on the track of soft jazz icon Michael Franks, who became his great role model. “I love his music more than anything else,” enthuses WiD and adds: “We didn’t have the opportunity to get comprehensive information or to be inspired by the diversity of the international music scene. In order to get hold of certain material, it needed a wealth of ideas and sophistication – and a pinch of luck for the decisive discovery. Today, thanks to the Internet, an indescribable number of options are immediately available with one click… ”.

But do we really need the internet, the other options and versatile distractions ? Who knows…

…here is a life story that led to a development with the right mix of speed, time and breathing. A breath that rhythmizes the time and thus integrates itself into it. And it was time to listen to the inner source and bring that unique music into the world. Sound phenomena. The music studio in Brittany was created for this purpose – by the singing rocks.
“Music sounds in my head. A music that can generate very deep emotions. A music that takes you into another world, ”describes WiD. “Everything fits when we are in tune with our innermost.”
With Liquid Gold, the composer has created a work that is incomparable. This music carries us. It is like sunlight, it makes our emotions easier and our thinking clearer.

Spiritual Music

Her voice is suggestive, warm and highly emotional. When Petra sings, people listen to her.
Gifted of nature – she intuitively learned the sonorous singing in the circle of the very musical family. Singing and making music together creates an atmosphere that makes children’s hearing sensitive to music and encourages it.

You have to feel music, absorb it – really allow it. Petra experienced this intensity with choral singing in the music school, in the midst of this polyphonic sea of ​​harmony. The high school of harmony, sensitizes and trains the muscles necessary for singing and extends the range of the voice. The spark of the fascination with sound was ignited by the magic of choral singing – and has spread to a passion that can hardly be tamed over time.
Petra can still remember this time well: “Experiencing this homogeneous and unique sound of a committed ensemble – to experience it” from the inside out “shaped my perception of musical sound in a lasting way. The art of singing with its subtle nuances became a maxim. In order to sing authentically, you have to react wide-awake and present at every moment and shape the vocal sound by courageously showing emotions. The music has to be lived, so to speak ”.

The petite singer refined more and more, the inner tone tension, the careful and conscious handling of the breathing muscles and the dynamic voice formation. At public choir concerts, she sang braided solos – the sheer beauty of her voice enchanted the audience: soft sounding, shimmering floating.

A period of musical discovery followed. Try things out and observe what creates resonance. Singing and playing in cover bands offered plenty of scope. With her knowledge of finely arranged vocal sets, Petra made a significant contribution to the successful development of the bands and her impressive vocal range was shown. Choir part, melody parts and main part – Petra filled the overall picture of blues and rock covers with interesting voice arrangements. The decisive »awakening experience« was not long in coming. “When I appeared in the club, I had to sing a longer solo part for the first time. At that very moment my microphone failed. The band members reacted quickly and played their instruments quieter so that my voice could be heard. And then there was this indescribable connection to the audience. Perhaps this unmasked honesty that you heard, saw and felt. Live music is special, it hits people. And if you sing from the heart, the music gets through to people. People reacted enthusiastically and sang along. An unforgettable moment. I was pulsating with music… ”, she says and smiles pensively.
From this appearance Petra was booked as the lead singer of various bands and she toured through Germany and Austria. Her musical dedication, with which she turned cover versions into her own songs, moved the audience visibly and noticeably.

“When movement and sound have an effect on us, our soul, our body and our cells remember the basic orders of primordial energy, which ultimately lead to balance. When a person gets involved and experiences inspiration or even healing, something very deep happens, but at the same time very natural. In my private medical practice I was allowed to accompany people for many years and it was a great asset for me, ”Petra describes her experiences from that time.
Intensive yoga practice has had a lasting impact on the singer. Because if you indulge in yoga for many years, your body awareness increases in a very fine frequency, the muscles are deeply relaxed and your breathing is calm and fluent. When body and mind are in harmony, the voice can develop into primal force and becomes the language of the soul.
When Petra sings, this spiritual depth can be felt. Her warm voice conjures up archaic mysticism and let the sounds flow in a very special way into body and soul. This noticeability can be so clear that it gives rise to very important insights that bring about healing and lasting changes.

“If I can touch the heart and soul of people with my voice so that they feel the life-affirming dedication and would like to trust the sound, then I am given and it fills me with great gratitude.”

Interviews/Reports: Marie Herrmann