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The language of the soul

Music takes us to spiritual worlds

The incredible sound language of music is the key that leads opens access to the soul. An energy field is built up. Music opens up a space in the soul that we cannot reach with words. Music perception happens on a very intimate level, a secret inside.

By following the change of tones, we actually listen to ourselves and find our inner being in the encounter with rhythm and sound, which rises to peace and bliss. A journey inside that connects us to the mystical source of all creation.

When we realize that everything is music, we understand the aural vibrational nature of the universe.
Music is expansion and oneness. The ‘self’ expands through music. So music can change our consciousness, provided it is music that comes from the heart and flows to the heart. Soulful music awakens and inspires our hearts immediately. , since it embodies the absolute highest. Soulful music is the light that wants to express itself in a divine way.

Luminous spherical sounds open all senses and lift us beyond any sense of time. Harmonic sound waves vibrations subtly migrate into all cells and tissue structures. A sound massage – which gently and indirectly fulfills our basic need for sensitive touch. It increases body awareness and strengthens enjoyment of life.

donaluna compositions are invitations to visit a in dream landscapes and other worlds. They contain messages of the perfection of love, harmony and beauty. Melodies and vibrations with depth and clarity effect…

  • Relaxing Music Meditation Music Spiritual Music
  • Relaxing Music Meditation Music Spiritual Music
Relaxing Music Meditation Music Spiritual Music
Relaxing Music Meditation Music Spiritual Music

The sound of the heart

In harmony with yourself and nature, confident and curious – this is how music is created that touches the heart and let souls dance. Rhythms for a different way of life. Full of joy and love.
This rhythm vibrates into the world! That is our concern!
Accompanied by wonderful imagery and inspiring poetry, we send messages of love. That’s why we founded donaluna publishing and the Spiritual Music Shop.

Our co-creative community is characterized by deep connection and free individuality. Each of us appreciates the special talent of the individual and the effective resonance with each other. This homogeneous interplay gives rise to the joy of multidimensional solidarity and a shared creativity with a deeper meaning that far exceeds the potential of the individual!
This creative energy of connectedness and freedom expands perception and awareness – and produces incomparably beautiful works!

We look forward to seeing you on the way of the heart – to create a more beautiful world.

  • Relaxing Music Meditation Music Spiritual Music

The frequency of healing

Rhythm brings us into balance

Everything is vibration. Whether we are in balance or not depends on the rhythmic action of the vibrations. Rhythms and cycles can be felt in the body above all as heartbeat and breath. If we are balanced, we practically swing in harmony with the world. We often only realize how far-reaching and important rhythm is for our life when it gets out of sync.
Musical rhythms can have a healing effect on our body’s own biological rhythms if there is a synchronization between inside and outside. Music interacts with our central nervous system and affects the emotional state. Music makes us happy by expressing our feelings more clearly than we could verbally. Music awakens feelings that are apparently unknown to us, slumbering in us and just waiting to be kissed awake.

»Rhythm is the architecture of being, is the inner dynamic that gives it form, is the wave system that being sends towards others, is one expression of the life force.«
(Léopold Sédar Senghor)

donaluna compositions have a special power. The energy vibrating with consciousness and perception can touch and stimulate the deepest area of ​​our being. Inner vibration change, adaptation, harmonization and increase is possible in a gentle way.
Every melody is unique and every sound offers the opportunity to relax into the nature of being and to let go of any change, understanding and willing. Then there are moments of timelessness and connection with something deeply true in ourselves and around us…

  • Relaxing Music Meditation Music Spiritual Music